New Survey Indicating 47% Of iPhone Users Own Four iPhones In Their Lifetime, 47% Plan To Upgrade The iPhone 8

In a new survey, Apple's brand loyalty did not show saw signs of decline, indicating that its competitors face difficult situations. Earlier this month, the Fluent marketing platform surveyed 2117 smartphone users. The 47% of respondents said they at least own four iPhones in their lifetime. Another 70% said their next phone will be another iPhone, they will not even consider switch to other brands of mobile phones.

In fact, 67% of users think iPhone is the best smartphone. 41% of these loyalists offer another clue. They admitted that they have been accustomed to the iOS system and do not want to replace. It's worth to note that the survey of more than 2,000 U.S. consumers found that only 5% of iPhone owners expected to buy a Samsung next time.
According to Fluent’s data, 34% of Americans have an iPhone and most currently own the latest models – an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. Once consumers purchase an iPhone they tend to stay with the brand, with nearly half of iPhone users (47%) have owned at least four iPhones in their lifetime.
The Apple and iPhone branding is important to iPhone owners, with 25 percent claiming it to be the most important element when deciding to purchase a smartphone. While features and the operating system scored 21 percent and 16 percent respectively, only 29 percent of iPhone owners said the price was the most important.

Forty percent of respondents plan to upgrade the new flagship iPhone - iPhone 8, while plans to buy iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 7s users were 19% and 17%. At present, most analysts expect the iPhone 8 to be priced at $ 1,000. 

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