Apple's Upcoming Flagship iPhone May Include Option To Invoke Siri With Sleep/Wake Button Instead Of Home Button

Brazilian iOS developer Guilherme Rambo recently found in the source code that indicates the "iPhone 8" may let people trigger Siri by holding down the sleep/wake button when they're not using "Hey Siri, which the sleep/wake button to invoke Siri in place of the Home button.

In a tweet last night, the developer trying to claim that “What if the lock button becomes the home button? 🤔” After a user named Vitor asked if he discovered some code that could support the idea, Rambo confirmed saying, “I did find a gesture to invoke Siri by holding the lock button.”

Without a home button, Apple is reportedly having to make major interface adjustments for the "iPhone 8," implementing new gestures and a "software bar," as well as replacing Touch ID with 3D facial recognition. The Cupertino firm could conceivably put Siri in the software bar, although there have been no rumors to that effect yet.

It’s unclear where Rambo found this new detail, but he’s built the solid reputation this year. He discovered details about the iPhone 8's Touch ID could invoke with sleep/wake button, 4K Apple TV, HomePod. Now that we’re two days into September, we’ve only got 10 more before we officially find out about this new detail along with everything else.

Apple could debut a radically redesigned iPhone that features an OLED of an edge-to-edge display, a vertical rear camera, a facial recognition system, a much-improved processor, and wireless charging functionalities. Alongside the OLED iPhone, Apple is also expected to announce 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Series.

Via 9to5Mac And AppleInsider, Image Via Guilherme Rambo And BGR

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