Here's How To Disable Auto Brightness Feature In iOS 11

The Auto Brightness button for iOS 10 is placed in the "Display and Brightness" option of the Settings app, and you can choose to turn it off and then quickly adjust the brightness of the device through the Control Center. But in iOS 11, Apple has moved this function to the Accessibility section.

For iPhone user Auto Brightness is great iOS feature, in outdoor, with the screen brightness at an invisible minimum, then you will appreciate the automatic convenience. It also saves battery by dimming the screen when appropriate. But for iPad user, Auto Brightness can be a pain, perhaps the devices is more often used indoors, it can cause the screen’s backlight to creep up and down when you don’t want it to.

In iOS 11, the auto brightness function is turned on by default, although you can still through the new Control Center brightness slider to adjust the brightness, but once the environment changes, this feature will start and cover you just manually adjust The brightness. Here's how to switch on Auto Brightness.
  1. Tap the Settings app on the Home screen.
  2. Scroll down to find General and tap on it 
  3. Once you in General section, tap on Accessibility
  4. Then tap on Display Accommodations, switch off Auto Brightness
Apple does not seem to want the user to disable the Auto Brightness function, in addition to "hide" in the Accessibility section, but also when user close the function given a warning - "Turning Off auto-brightness May Affect Battery Life." It seems that Apple has finally enough data to find the right display brightness for all the use of the scene to enhance the iOS device life.

Via Cult Of Mac, Image Via Redmond Pie

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