iPhone New Accessories: ElevationDock 4 Is The Best & First Apple MFi Certified Lightning Dock That Works One-Handed

Well-known Apple accessories manufacturer ElevationLab last week released the latest iPhone and iPad lightning dock product - ElevationDock 4. The company defines the product as "the best dock for iPhone," and while it’s too early to say for sure, it definitely looks like it has the potential.

ElevationLab won a great success in 2011, and the company raised more than $1 million with its first ElevationDock product through a Kickstarter project.

This ElevationDock 4 featured with a extremely solid design, only one hand will be able to take out iPhone from the dock, and most of lightning docks right now in the market needs the user to take the iPhone in one hand, the other hand in order to pull out from dock. Its interior is also equipped with a Lightning cable certified by Apple MFi.

As for Material, ElevationDock 4 stainless steel adjustment knobs for both the iPhone or iPad to provide the perfect fit, even if your iPhone or iPad using a case. The user can adjust the height of the Lightning case, or adjust the backrest of the lightning dock. The main body of the dock is made of high quality finishes and has both black and white options.

The ElevationDock 4 is priced at $59, can be purchased through Elevation Lab website. ElevationLab is committed to shipping within two weeks. The company said this ElevationDock 4 will support all lightning iPhone and iPad except the 12.9" iPad Pro.

Via 9to5Mac, Image Via ElevationLab

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