Here's How To Find Out How Long Your Mac Has Been Turned On And Reboot History

If you are ever wondering how long your Mac has been turned on and running for. There are two different methods available in macOS. Let’s learn a bit more about discovering how long a Mac has been left turned on for, and also, a tip to check a Macs reboot history.

Method 1:
  1. From anywhere in OS X, hit Command + Spacebar and type “System Information” followed by the Return key to launch that app (some earlier versions of OS X call this “System Profiler”)
  2. Select “Software” from the side menu list
  3. Locate “Time since boot” to see the amount of time it has been since the Mac has been turned on
Method 2: A command line approach is also possible. Simply Launch Terminal and type the "uptime" this command into the command line to discover exactly how long the computer has been on. In the below picture, uptime is reporting a Mac that has been up for 10 days, 22 hours and 56 minutes.

As for check a Macs reboot history, type ‘last reboot’ in the Terminal. This will give you with the dates and times of the last few reboots the machine has gone through. This can be extremely helpful when troubleshooting, or even just for finding out how often a Mac gets booted.

Via OSXDaily, Image Credit Setapp

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