The Superb Screen Protector Allows You To Add Two Navigation Buttons On Your iPhone

The iPhone only has Home button, both Android and Windows phones have the navigation icons, But now with IntelliTouch+, world's first smart screen protector that simplifies navigating your iPhone, you no longer have to stretch your thumb to the far reaches of an iPhone screen, heck yeah!

The Intelli+ released by Nombiss incorporates an invisible circuitry that can enable the left and right positions of the iPhone's Home button into touchable areas. For example, if you want to back to the top, normally you need to tap on the upper left corner of the screen,  however, with the protector, you just need to  touch the left area of the Home button to achieve its purpose, 

The circuits that implement this feature are completely hidden under tempered glass, and it doesn't seem like to affecting the visual experience and the 3D Touch. But, it also has its drawbacks, which is when the phone is in landscape mode: it will not work!

Still, it comes super handy when you have lager phones, as it can reduce the burden on the thumb, even though it may not be 100% suitable for all apps. Anyway, the protector to support iPhone 8 and earlier models, with the retail price of $30 for now, click here to purchase it.

Image Via Nombiss

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