KGI: Apple To Remove 3D Touch Feature On This Year's 6.1-Inch iPhone Model, and Planning to Do So On The Entire 2019 iPhone Lineups

Supply chain sources have recently said that Apple will abandon the use of a five-year in-cell touchscreen on its 6.1-inch entry-level iPhone model this year, make the switching to the so-called External Touch Panel,  and that will make the touch module more expensive. In order to balance costs, Apple may give up the 3D Touch features, according to KGI's latest investor note (Via Feng)

First of all, Kuo claimed that Apple will use the CGS (Cover Glass Sensor) process on this year's 6.1-inch iPhone models, which means that the iPhone's touch module will indeed be transferred from the in-cell process to the surface glass. However, compared to other OGS and GFF touchscreen technologies, CGS has a smaller impact on the display result, high level of impact-resistant and weights lighter.

Secondly, KGI said that Apple will add a thin-film sensor in addition to the touch film sensor originally existed on CGS. Although it is not yet known what the additional layer is, it will result in a 15% increase in the cost of the screen, suggested it would price between $23 and $26.

So in order to cancel out the increased cost brought by the CGS process, Apple will remove the 3D Touch feature on this year's 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, and the company plans to use the CGS process for all iPhones (including OLED models) in 2019, meaning future models won't include 3D Touch anymore.

What do you of the upcoming changes? Do you think Apple will introduce a new way of interacting with iOS?

Image Via Shudhtech

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