Apple Faces New Lawsuit For False Marketing Its Watch's Brilliantly Scratch Resistant

An Apple Watch user filed a lawsuit against Apple, saying that Apple Watch had false marketing issues because the product is not as scratchy as the company says. (Via iPhone in Canada)

A user named Dean Lubaki in Ontario, Canada, purchased an Apple Watch last year, he chose a 42mm ceramic Edition model equipped with a Milanese Loop. After more than half a year's use, he found a lot of scratches on the watch, but according to Apple's saying, the Watch should have "brilliantly scratch resistance."

Lubaki believes that these scratches are actually due to design flaws. The back of the Apple Watch is a magnet when magnet attracts the Milanese loop, it will scratch the watch when the user inadvertently uses it. Because of the magnetic features, scratches are almost unavoidable and inevitable.

Moreover, Lubaki also stated that he requested for a new one at the local Apple Store. However, despite he is an AppleCare user, he is still rejected. So Lubaki decided to take a lawsuit and seek Apple's refund, and "additional compensation and punitive damages." 

Even though Apple later gives him a free replacement, he declined and said that he had wasted a long time for this terrible circumstance, and these losses are irretrievable.

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