Lawsuit Alleges Apple Lied About iPhones' Size, PPi, And Hide The Notch Deceptively

A new lawsuit filed against Apple alleges the company deceptively hide the notch and make false claims about the iPhones' display size and PPi, include the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, saying that Apple is completely cutting corners, thus Plaintiff lawyers Christian Sponchiado and Courtney Davis have filed a lawsuit to the Northern District of California courthouse. (Via Business Insider)

The document said that Apple's OLED iPhone models have false marketing behavior because the screen does not provide true pixels, the resolution figure is wrong, misleading consumers. The iPhone XS should have 2436×1125×2=5481000 sub-pixels. In contrast, the iPhone 8 Plus offers a higher quality screen with a resolution of 1920×1080×3=6220800 sub-pixels, states the document.
The iPhone X Product is advertised as having 2436×1125 pixels, but in fact does not use true pixels with red, green, and blue subpixels in each pixel. Instead, the Product has only false screen pixels, with just two subpixels per false pixel (2436×1125×2 = 5,481,000 subpixels), and it does not actually have any subpixels at all in the notch at the top of the screen or in the display-area corners. In contrast, the iPhone 8 Plus has a higher quality screen than the Product, with more subpixels than the Product (1920×1080 pixels×3 subpixels per pixel = 6,220,800 subpixels). In contrast to the Product, the iPhone 8 Plus does not have a notch at the top of the screen or rounded corners of the display area.
Interestingly, although Apple promoted the iPhone XS to be 5.8 inches in size, the lawsuit declares that this is completely deceiving consumers. The "full screen" is a deceptive word because there is a notch at the top of the screen. Apple also deliberately used dark wallpaper to cover the notch in many marketing images. After eliminating these invalid areas, it should be measured at only 5.6875 inches.
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