The App Store Review Process

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Every app in the App Store goes through a review process to make sure that the app doesn’t contain any scams, viruses, offensive stuff, exploits, and other bad stuff. App approvals take a short 5-10 minutes, unless if it needs to be reviewed by Apple executives for further evaluation. But we’ll take a look at the process of approving apps in the App Store, from the automated filters to the Executive Review Board.

The approval process of apps in the App Store starts from an automated filter made to remove all of the stuff Apple doesn’t want in their apps. Next, Apple’s team of reviewers review the app, making sure there’s no surprises and tricks to scam and exploit users in the app. If there are any culprits that do these such things, the app is then rejected and approved once the issue is fixed and resubmitted.

Secondly, if your app does not make it to approval or needs further evaluation, then you can appeal to the Executive Review Board. This higher-level group of App Store reviewers is lead by Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Marketing. Most of the reviews done within the team are by Ron Okamoto, VP of Marketing and many other anonymous reviewers. On the other hand, Phil Schiller is in charge of the major actions, such as banning developers from the App Store and in other cases, take away your developer membership and apps.

Lastly, every app in the App Store must follow the App Store Guidelines, which can be found here This has lots of information and regulations in order for an app to be approved for the App Store.

Altogether, the App Store is a place for apps and developers who want to distribute them to millions of iOS users around the world. Apple’s App Store review team always makes sure that every app is safe for every iOS user. If you develop apps that do not abide with these guidelines, then your app will be rejected or you’ll get in bigger trouble with the Executive Review Board.

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