Apple Launches Digital Masters For High-Res Audio On Apple Music

Apple Music announced today that it will launch a new "Apple Digital Masters" initiative, as it seeks to combine all the high-resolution (not necessarily lossless) "Mastered for iTunes" songs into one directory—Apple Music, according to entertainment magazine Billboard.

The Cupertino tech-giant claims it has been adding “Mastered for iTunes” songs to its music streaming platform Apple Music for the past few years. Currently, 75% of the top 100 songs in the US are Apple Digital Masters. Of the top 100 songs in the world, 71 percent are Apple Digital Masters.

The “Mastered for iTunes” project began in 2012 and allows engineers to optimize music for digital downloads. In Apple Music, you can't see if a song belongs to Digital Masters. However, that would change soon seeing the company, at last, confessed that they are working on such a project.

In addition to Apple Music, there are plenty of other music streaming services that offer premium audio, and of course, it comes at a cost. For example, Tidal have a HiFi subscription tier for $19.99 a month, whereas their base subscription plan costs only $9.99 per month. Nevertheless, it’s unclear if Apple will charge extra money for Apple Digital Masters.

Image Via Hiphop-N-More

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