iPhone Pro, Apple Watch With Titanium And Ceramic Cases To Launch In September

Bloomberg has shared the what to expect articles on the upcoming 2019 iPhone models, as well as the next iPad Pro, the 2020 AirPods, the redesigned MacBook Pro, and the low-cost HomePod.

Bloomberg starts off the report by confirming that the two of the upcoming OLED iPhones will include the "Pro" name. While the most crucial upgrade on the iPhone 11 Pro is the new rear-camera triple-lens system, and the three lenses are wide-angle, telephoto and ultra-wide-angle. Apple is also likely to add new software that incorporates three simultaneous photos taken by three cameras to generate a high-resolution picture "similar to a traditional camera" and maximize the efficiency of the low-light pictures of the iPhone.

The report further stated that a new multi-angle Face ID sensor catching a wider field of view will make it easier for users to unlock the next iPhones, even when the phones, for instance, are placed flat on a table. And the video recording of the iPhone 11 Pro will be “substantially improved”. In iOS 13, Apple added a number of video editing features to the photo app, allows you to add effects when you record video.

As for the new iPhone XR, Bloomberg said it will include a new green color and a dual-lens camera setup. Otherwise, all three upcoming iPhone models are anticipated to include "dramatically enhanced" water resistance and faster A13 processors with a new co-processor internally identified as "AMX" or "matrix."

The iPad Pro lineup will also receive a fresh and will feature the same triple-lens rear camera system as the iPhone 11 Pro, while the new Apple Watch Series 5 model adds two main types of casing: titanium and ceramic are likely to debut alongside the 2019 iPhones.

A redesigned MacBook Pro with slim bezels is likely to be announced by Apple in October of this year.

The report also reveals that the new AirPods under development will have better water resistance and support noise-canceling functionality.

Finally, Bloomberg also said that the cheap version of HomePod will be released next year and that the number of tweeters has dropped from seven to two.

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