Apple Offering Free, Unlimited Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and Apple Music Subscriptions to Employees

Apple is offering free, unlimited access to Apple subscription services next month for its AppleCare and Apple Store employees. Starting January 6th, employees can get individual access to Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade, alongside with free Apple Music subscriptions on New Year’s Day.

An internal document obtained by Macrumors states that the Apple Arcade and TV+ subscriptions will only be available by the seniority levels of employees, which includes S1-S5. This requirement does not include Apple Music, which is available for free to all Apple retail and AppleCare employees. On the other hand, the subscriptions are individual ones, which can’t be transferred to other Apple IDs such as accounts tied in iCloud Family Sharing or an employee’s alternative Apple ID account. Instead, they have to pay for their own family or individual subscriptions.

There is not enough evidence suggesting a specification of the perk for a specific Apple Store role or all of its locations in all regions. But one benefit from the perk is that Apple employees can get hands-on these subscription services and use their experience with them to answer customer’s questions regarding Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+. Apple has been providing perks to its retail employees since 2015, such as offering an employee discount for 50% off the Apple Watch.

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