Apple Want Developers To Distribute Web Apps Through Safari, Not App Store

Today, Apple issue an HTML5 App Update announcement for developers.

Apple says the App Store Review Guidelines are designed to help distribute high-quality, secure and reliable apps that respect user privacy. To ensure that all apps follow the same set of guidelines, Apple has always explicitly demanded the use of self-contained software packages. That is, the core functionality of the app must be stored in its binary file and can not be obtained by referring users outside the approved app (nor using HTML5).

Apple states that if an app uses web technologies such as HTML5 to dynamically provide core functionality and performance, it should be distributed through Safari, not the App Store.
The ‌App Store‌ Review Guidelines are designed to help developers create apps that are secure, high-quality, reliable, and that respect user privacy. In order to ensure this, we've always specified that all apps be self-contained bundles. This means that the core features and functionality of the app must be contained within the software's binary, rather than made possible by referring users outside of the approved app -- including through the use of HTML5. Apps that dynamically provide core features and functionality with web technology like HTML5 are best delivered through Safari, rather than through the curated ‌App Store‌.
In June 2019, Apple further clarified exceptions and existing restrictions. These include that if the app contains or runs binary code that is not embedded, the app cannot provide access to real money betting, lottery sweepstakes and charitable donations. Special reminder, existing apps must be adjusted before March 3, 2020 to fully comply with the above rules.

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