Apple Pays $484 Million To VirnetX For Patent Infringements

In a press release today, the internet security software and technology company VirnetX announced that Apple has paid $484 million for infringing on its intellectual property after a decade-long battle against the Cupertino giant.

The lawsuit between Apple and VirnetX dates back to 2010. At the time, VirnetX sued Apple for infringing the company's four patents, including FaceTime and VPN on demand features used in Apple products. Later, the case was heard by the federal court, and Apple was ordered to pay $302 million in infringement costs to VirnetX. 

Apple, on the other side, eventually disagreed with the decision and decided to continue the lawsuit, but the judge who heard the case ultimately raised the amount of compensation in that lawsuit to $439.7 million, which covered the interest and other expenses of the preceding judgment.

The time comes to 2020, as Apple still disputes with the decision, and then appealed to the Supreme Court to re-examine the validity of the patent and to recalculate the damages. The Supreme Court, nonetheless, ended up rejecting Apple's request.

VirnetX is "widely known" in the industry as they have sought payment from companies such as Apple, Cisco, Avaya and Siemens for patent infringements.

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