Apple Inflates The RAM Upgrades Price On 13-Inch MacBook Pro Models

Apple recently inflated the price of RAM upgrades on the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro by $100 in the United States and elsewhere. When upgrading the RAM from 8GB to 16GB, for example, the price will now be $200, instead of the previous $100.

Other countries have experienced similar price increases, such as price escalated from 125 euros to 250 euros in Germany, the charge in the United Kingdom rose from £100 to £200, and the cost for RAM upgrades in China soared from 750 yuans to 1500 yuans.

It is extremely rare for Apple to adjust its pricing so soon after a new product is released, indicating that an unexpected increase in Apple's costs being passed along to consumers.

The good news is that the 13-inch MacBook appears to be the only Mac product that’s seeing a price increase in RAM upgrades.

Earlier this month, Apple's officially launched the MacBook Pro 13 2020 model. The new MacBook Pro features a much reliable Magic Keyboard, the basic models, however, is still equipped with eight-generation Intel Core processors, while the high-end version comes with ten-generation Intel Core processors.

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