Here Is How The CarKey Feature Works With Your Automobile

In iOS 13.5.1, Apple introduced the privacy policy for CarKey, which indicates that the feature may be launched soon. CarKey will allow your iPhone or Apple Watch to replace the physical car key of some cars and lock or unlock the car through NFC.

The Wallet app allows you to add and share car keys for certain vehicles. You can add a car key by logging into the vehicle manufacturer’s app or entering a pairing code in the Wallet app, authenticate the vehicle as your own vehicle, and pair your device with the vehicle. If successful, your device will send Apple a one-time owner redemption token. Apple will use the redemption token, information about your Apple account and device, and your location at the time of configuration (if location services are enabled) to prevent fraud.

To set up your CarKey, Apple will share a unique device identifier with your car manufacturer. The device identifier is different for each vehicle manufacturer to help protect your privacy. Your car manufacturer may associate this device identifier with other information it holds about you and will process the information it holds about you under its privacy policy.

You can select the type of access you want to grant by clicking the invitation on the back of the car key pass, and then use iMessage to share the car key pass. To help set up and manage car key passes, Apple will forward information to the car manufacturer about who the pass is shared with and what level of access is granted. Apple will also share the unique device identifier of the pass recipient with the vehicle manufacturer so that they can manage your pass. For pass recipients, like the owner of the vehicle, the car manufacturer may associate the device identifier with other information it may have about the recipient and process the information under its privacy policy.

Owners will be able to share the digital CarKey with others, which is useful in the case of valet parking and can also be used if a friend needs to borrow a car. Although there are car owners who can use the "Quick Mode", where you can use Face ID or Touch ID to access CarKey via biometric authentication.

Apple will work with car manufacturers to develop CarKey, which may be a factory-installed option similar to CarPlay. CarKey requires NFC to work, so this needs to be implemented by carmakers.

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