As COVID-19 Cases Declining, Apple Reopens All 270 Apple Stores In The US

An Apple spokesperson (via 9to5Mac) confirmed that all 270 Apple Stores in the United States have opened for business on Monday.

This is the first time that Apple’s US retail stores have opened their doors for the first time since it started closing stores in response to the COVID-19 pandemic last spring. Apple reopened a store in Texas today, the last US store that was previously closed.

With the decline in the number of new cases of coronavirus infections and the distribution of vaccines, the US has begun to lift the lockdown. However, despite Apple has opened all stores, not all stores have been fully opened to the extent that customers can enter the store to pick products by themselves. Customers need to check Apple's website in advance, in case a certain store only provides the service of making an appointment to enter the store, or the service is restricted in other aspects.

From a global perspective, the 12 Apple stores in France and two stores in Brazil are still remaining closed, while the two stores in Mexico will reopen on Tuesday.

Closing the store did not affect Apple's product sales, especially since the company's online storefront has been kept open. But Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stated that have not the physical stores close, the company's sales revenue may be higher during the holiday shopping season.

Though the COVID-19 outbreak in the US seems to be slowing down and businesses are reopening, calculations based on data from Johns Hopkins University show that from a 7-day average, there are still at least 67,300 new cases in the United States on a daily basis. However, the rate of vaccinations across the United States continues to progress, raising hopes that life may return to normal later this year. According to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 49.8 million Americans have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

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