Apple Releases iOS 16.4 With New Emojis, Web App Notifications, And More

Apple has just released iOS 16.4, the latest version of its operating system for iPhone users. This update brings a number of new features and improvements, as well as bug fixes and security enhancements.

New emoji

One of the most noticeable changes in iOS 16.4 is the addition of 21 new emojis, which are based on the Unicode 15.0 standard. These include new animals, such as a moose, a goose, and a bison; new hand gestures, such as a heart hand and a finger heart; and new objects, such as a disco ball, a parachute, and a magic wand. You can access these new emojis from the emoji keyboard on your iPhone.

Web app notifications

Another new feature in iOS 16.4 is the ability to receive notifications from web apps that you have added to your Home Screen. Web apps are websites that can run like native apps on your iPhone, and some of them can send you to push notifications for updates, reminders, or alerts. With iOS 16.4, you can enable notifications for web apps from the Settings app, and you will see them on your lock screen and notification center.

Voice isolation for cellular calls

iOS 16.4 also brings voice isolation to cellular calls, which was previously available only for FaceTime calls. Voice isolation is a feature that uses machine learning to filter out background noise and enhance your voice during phone calls. This can help you have clearer conversations with fewer interruptions, especially in noisy environments. You can turn on voice isolation from the Control Center or from the call screen.

Duplicate album in Photos

If you use iCloud Photos to share your pictures and videos with your family and friends, you might have noticed that sometimes you end up with duplicate items in your library. iOS 16.4 makes it easier to find and manage these duplicates with a new album called Duplicates in the Photos app. This album shows you all the photos and videos that are identical or very similar to others in your shared albums and lets you merge or delete them.

Other changes

iOS 16.4 also includes some other changes that are not mentioned in the official release notes, but are worth noting. For example:
  • Apple Books brings back the page curl animation for ebooks, which gives you a more realistic reading experience.
  • Music app shows a small banner instead of a full-screen pop-up when you add a song to your queue, and adds an artist icon at the top of your library.
  • Apple Podcasts adds a Channels tab in your library, which shows you the different networks you follow.
  • VoiceOver adds support for maps in the Weather app, which lets you explore weather conditions by touch.
  • Accessibility adds a setting to automatically dim video when flashes of light or strobe effects are detected, which can help prevent seizures or discomfort.
  • Crash Detection optimizes performance on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models, which can automatically call emergency services if you are involved in a car accident.
  • iOS 16.4 also expands 5G support to new regions and carriers and adds 5G Standalone support for faster speeds and lower latency.
iOS 16.4 is available for all iPhone models that support iOS 15 or later, which means iPhone 6s and newer. You can update your device by going to Settings > General > Software Update and tapping Download and Install. Make sure you have enough battery life and storage space before updating, and back up your data if possible.

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