Jun 27, 2018

Apple Teamed Up With YouTuber Mark Rober To Develop VR Technology For Self-Driving Cars

According to the Variety, Apple has been working with well-known YouTuber Mark Rober to develop a secret research project. The latter is well-known for its scientific video on the YouTube channel.

The report says Rober is engaged in a project related to the virtual reality technology that will be used in self-driving cars. Although the report didn't mention Rober's specific job at Apple. However, it mentioned that Apple had two different patents that listed Rober as the chief inventor, one of which associates to "immersive virtual display" and the other to "augmented virtual display".

The center of the two patents is essentially the self-driving car passengers, because on the surface they do not need to pay attention to traffic outside the vehicle. One of the patents also specifically describes the use of virtual reality in in-car entertainment, in which in a case, an author or talk show host could be virtually displayed next to the passenger's seat, they would read a book or deliver a talk show, and the sound can be played through the car audio system.

Of course, this kind of virtual experience can already be performed in other areas, but this is also very fresh for Apple's self-driving project. Recent news on Apple's self-driving projects has also grown, such as expanding the self-driving road test fleet, also reaching an agreement with Volkswagen to turn T6 Transporter into self-driving employee shuttle bus.

Image Via Techannouncer

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