Aug 6, 2018

Apple Rumors To Continue Adopting LCD Screen On The 2019 iPhones

For Apple, iPhone X was a runaway success, but its price of $999 was too costly, plus it did not lead in the "supercycle" that analysts expected. Based on this, Korean The Bell site says that Apple to continue to use LCD screens on the 2019 iPhone models.

Apple may choose LG to be its screen supplier. the company has widely rumored plan to use LCD displays on its 6.1-inch iPhone model this year to meet lower-priced market demand. Also, because of LCDs are more mature and cheaper, can save some R&D expenses, and retain it at a lower price tag, therefore, it's very likely that Apple will still favor LCD display.

Nonetheless, LG insiders said they are not ready to transform their Apple-specific LCD screen production line into an OLED screen production line, supposedly because Apple decided to drop the use of OLED screen at the last minute.

There are still problems such as burn-in, color shift and so on when adopting OLED displays. Among them, the problem of burn-in (the display will leave a residual form if it displays a still image for a long time) damaged most. Furthermore, sales of the LCD-equipped iPhone 8 Plus actually topped those of the iPhone X in North America last quarter, so it makes sense that Apple will lower the price by using LCD screens.

Image Via Technobezz

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