Mar 12, 2019

"Apple News Magazine" Subscription Service Shows Up In The Latest macOS 10.14.4 Beta

We have heard rumors that Apple is actively preparing for the new Apple News subscription service, and users can subscribe wide range of news publishers and magazines on a monthly basis. Now, Developer Steve T-S shared a few screenshots via Twitter earlier today, showing the new subscription service in the latest beta version of macOS Mojave 10.14.4.

It shows the notifications from the Apple News subscription service that alert users when a new version of the magazine they subscribe to is released, suggesting it will be available on macOS as well. Similar Notifications have appeared in the iOS 12.2 beta, and Apple has named the service "Apple News Magazines."

A media invite from Apple has been sent, and a special event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theatre at 10 pm on March 25th on Apple Park campus.  Rumors indicate that the event will introduce two new services, one is the new magazine news subscription service we just mentioned, and the other is the the TV streaming video service.

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