Rumor: New iPhone XR To Sport Dual-Lens Camera, Display Sizes Remain Unchanged, And More

Japanese blog MacOtakara reported this morning that it heard from a Chinese supplier that the next-gen iPhone XR may have a dual-lens camera system: add a telephoto lens to the already-existed wide-angle lens. As a result, the rear camera capabilities of the new XR will approach (or surpass) the current level of iPhone XS and XS Max.

As of now, the iPhone XR lags behind the XS series in terms of functionality due to its single-lens configuration. For instance, just up to 5x digital zoom can be supported, as opposed to the 2x optical zoom and up to 10x digital zoom that XS line offers. Additionally, the XR just stocks three portrait effects, while XS gets five effects, plus the effect is relatively poor due to the special algorithm.

MacOtakara's story is consistent with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predictions about the new iPhone. The latter stated that the three new iPhones will see an increase in the number of camera lenses this year: the next-gen iPhone XR will include a dual-lens rear camera arrangement and the new iPhone XS/XS Max to sport a triple-lens camera system.

MacOtakara further believes that two of the lense of the triple-lens camera system on the new iPhone XS/XS Max will employ standard parts in order to reduce costs. In addition, the site also claims that the 2019 iPhones will be expected to feature a 3D molding glass for storing the rear camera, echoing the recent OnLeaks report.

Lastly, the paper suggested that the display size of the three iPhones will remain unchanged this year, still 5.8, 6.5-inch OLED screen and 6.1-inch LCD screen, as well as to bundle USB-C to Lightning cable with USB-C 18W adapter, and to introduce Wireless PowerShare function.

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