Apple Cuts HomePod Orders, as the Speaker Did Not Meet The Company's Sales Expectation

According to Bloomberg, Apple's first smart speaker - HomePod apparently didn't meet their sales expectation, leading it to cut orders with suppliers like Inventec in the late March, citing a person who familiar with the matter.

By late March, Apple had lowered sales forecasts and cut some orders with Inventec Corp., one of the manufacturers that builds the HomePod for Apple, according to a person familiar with the matter.

From the Slice Intelligence's data, it shows that HomePod had strong pre-orders and initial sales figures suggested it would sell well and capture a solid portion of the smart speaker market, but those numbers quickly fell by the time the HomePod hit store shelves:

During the HomePod's first 10 weeks of sales, it eked out 10 percent of the smart speaker market, compared with 73 percent for Amazon's Echo devices and 14 percent for the Google Home, according to Slice Intelligence. Three weeks after the launch, weekly HomePod sales slipped to about 4 percent of the smart speaker category on average, the market research firm says.

On the other hand, even though HomePod lacks connectivity with non-Apple devices and features like stereo pairing, as well as its high price tag, it's still on an early stage to call the HomePod a flop. Apple should able to make major improvements to the current-generation HomePod by simply improving Siri, or perhaps eventually supports Spotify.

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