Gorgeous Looking Of Apple Piazza Liberty Retail Store Now Open In Milan, Italy

Most of the Apple Stores have been always been designed in a glass wall style, even the underground storefronts of New York's Fifth Avenue and Shanghai Pudong Store have a glass wall above. However, in Milan, Italy, the world's fashion and design capital, Apple has made some unique designs to the glass wall.

Apple Piazza Liberty opened in Milan this evening to thousands of customers who came to experience Apple’s new retail store design for the first time in Italy. Guests gathered on the public piazza and in the store below to join in the Today at Apple sessions and performances, which will continue all weekend.

Apple Piazza Liberty, the first Italian Apple Store that featured updated design is located in Milan's Freedom Square. It has a cascading fountain on the glass wall. make you feel like walk in the water. It is surrounded by 14 acacia trees. It lights up in the evening and looks gorgeous.

It is told that this is the 17th Apple Store in Italy. It is an underground store and home to about 230 Apple employees from around the world. In addition, in September this year, the store will hold a special event for a month, when 21 Milanese artists will be present to share their vision of creativity and the future.

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