Apple Rolls Out iOS 13 And watchOS 6 Gold Master Versions

Apple has rolled out the Gold Master versions of watchOS 6 and iOS 13, while also seed the third dev beta and public beta of iOS 13. At the iPhone 11 event yesterday, Apple announced that iOS 13 and watchOS 6 will be released on September 19th, while macOS and iPadOS will be available in October. Below we have summed up all the new features and changes in iOS 13 and watchOS 6:

iOS 13

First of all, we've seen that IOS 13 includes a lot of features that we've been longing for in the previous year. This encompasses Dark Mode, New Camera and Photos features, Improvement Maps, and much more.

Dark Mode, as the name implies, it shifts your iPhone screen to darker shades of black, gray and other colors. This feature makes your iPhone screen protect your eyes during the night. You can switch Dark Mode on by scheduling it like Do Not Disturb, at sunset or manually via Settings or Control Center.

Next, the Maps app in iOS 13 consist of a redefined experience from improved pedestrian data, broader road support, more concise addresses, and detailed land cover. Apple has been remaking Apple Maps thanks to their vehicles driving 4 million miles since last year. The new version of Apple Maps will roll out in select major cities, counties, and states right now. Apple will then be rolling the entirety of the USA in the upgraded maps by the end of this year, and to other countries by 2020.

Apple is also trying to compete with Google’s Street View feature, with its Look Around feature. It consists of street-level imagery with smoother, seamless transitions. Besides, Apple added quite a bit more to the Maps app amongst its last major improvement in iOS 10. All of your favorite restaurants, places, and destinations are in Collections to easily share with your friends and family. There is still the favorites section for all of your frequent locations such as your work, school, gym, and home destinations. Everything you need to get anywhere is in your fingertips, on your iPhone!

Moving on to the Photos and Camera apps, there have been minor updates to each of these apps. Organization on the Photos app has been far improved thanks to its machine learning capabilities of hiding away unnecessary pictures and significant events from past years, months or days. All of your photos and videos are intelligently organized so you can easily browse discover and remember all of your memories. Editing tools now get more comprehensive tools, with the ability to edit videos. You can even rotate a video and add filters to it as well!

Not only the Photos app has great organizational features, but the Camera app gets more intuitive than ever. Portrait Lighting gets its beautification features from sharpening eyes and sleek facial features. In other words, you can adjust the intensity of the light to create a subtle, refined portrait. There are many new lightning effects, which includes High-Key Mono to add monochromatic effects on Portrait Mode pictures.

Privacy is also a huge deal when it comes to your iPhone. Sign In with Apple eliminates the hassle of signing in to apps and select websites and lets you sign in with only your Apple ID. This also excludes the transfer of information by providing developers with a unique, generated ID. Users also get an ability to keep their email address private and share a unique, random email address to the company instead, which protects every user’s privacy and sensitive information. Sign in with Apple works with Apple IDs that have Touch ID or Face ID authentication and two-factor authentication enabled for an extra level of security.

The operating system also includes a less obtrusive volume indicator as opposed to the one that takes up a great deal of screen space. There's also a new app called "Find My" that's intended to track your phones despite no internet or LTE connection, as it might use the Bluetooth signal instead.  iOS 13 is also optimized to speed up the launch of the app, while the app utilizes less space, whilst the Voice Control enables users to take complete advantage of the voice to control the device.

Here, finally, are the minor changes implemented by Apple in iOS 13. The Reminders app is getting a significant overhaul with smarter ways to add, edit and organize your reminders. There is also a quick toolbar to add times, dates and many other details to each reminder. Messages also get a ramp-up on Memoji and Animoji to make it easier to identify the others you're sending your message. It's also getting more expressive with new hairstyles, headwear, makeup, and facial characteristics, plus sticker packs to use on your favorite apps other than Messages. On the other side, Siri and QuickType are getting some modifications, consisting of a more natural Siri voice, refined Siri Shortcuts and a QuickPath swipe keyboard.

watchOS 6

watchOS 6, the latest operating system designed for Apple Watches, is loaded with customizations, health features and personalization with heaps of new Apple Watch faces. The health features have been developing significantly in the past few years, with a few new health apps this year. The Cycle Tracking app allows female Apple Watch wearers to log important information about their menstrual cycles, fertility cycles, health conditions and results from ovulation prediction sets. They also can view the predicted dates of their next period and fertility sessions. On the contrary, there’s an app named Noise to measure DB levels from the Apple Watch’s microphone. It can also help you determine what you hear is safe and sound. Your Apple Watch can also alert you if noise is too loud, so you won’t get hearing loss from listening to loud noises for prolonged periods. These features are also available in the Health app for iPhone in iOS 13.

Activity rings have changed with Trends to display the user’s Activity data in graphs. The trends can tell if your above your goal or below it and it depicts of metrics from Move Calories, Stand Hours, Exercise Minutes, Overall Walking Pace and many more. If you don’t improve in the last 3 months compared to the last year, then the Activity app will offer coaching and motivation to help you get back on track.

The watchOS 6 update now has a dedicated App Store for Apple Watch to install apps without the necessity of the iPhone. You can search for apps by using Scribble, Dictation, and Siri. You can also see previews of the app and install it right on your wrist. Also, developers can now create Apple Watch-only apps without having the watch depend on the iPhone to install their app. Many of our most-anticipated native Apple Watch apps have finally made it to the Apple Watch, which includes the Calculator app with tip calculations, Audiobooks to listen to audiobooks from Apple Books, the ability for Siri to do web searches, Voice Memos and expansion of GymKit.

Customizations of the Apple Watch has been significantly improved nowadays, which introduces a slew of watch faces and some new watch bands. These watch faces include Modular Compact, Solar Dial, California, Gradient and Numerals.

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