Apple Launches Webpage Showcase Integration Between iPhone And Apple Watch

Apple launched a new webpage today to showcase the integration between iPhone and Apple Watch. The webpage presents examples of how the two devices can work together.

For example, when navigating on the iPhone, the Apple Watch will vibrate when you need to turn; use the Apple Watch to answer or reject FaceTime or phone calls; when received messages on the iPhone, using the Apple Watch to quickly reply; use the Apple Watch as a remote control for taking pictures on the iPhone, etc.
Get directions on ‌iPhone‌ and a tap on your wrist when you need to turn. Check your heart rate on Apple Watch and track it over the last hour, day, month, or year on ‌iPhone‌. When you put the two of them together, they add up to so much more.
The site highlights various features that some folks may never heard of, so it's definitely to check it out.

You can visit the new webpage by clicking the link:

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