Apple Reportedly Consider To Add Bonus AR Content To Apple TV+

According to a new report published by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman today, Apple plans to add bonus AR (augmented reality) content to its Apple TV+ streaming video service.

This new feature would capture scenes in TV shows, such as people or objects, and display them on the viewer's iPhone or iPad so that they can be seen as existing in the environment around the user.

For example, when a user watches a moonwalking scene in the program "For All Mankind", they may see a virtual lunar rover parked on the coffee table in the living room on the display screen of their device. This option will serve as additional content similar to the director’s commentary or trailer when the movie is downloaded and can be accessed from the iPhone or iPad TV app.

People familiar with the matter said that the AR feature is expected to debut next year. Apple originally planned to release the AR feature of Apple TV+ later this year, but the impact of the global health crisis delayed the release of this feature. Moreover, Apple may decide to abandon the plan completely.

Reports have suggested Apple will launch a laser ToF 3D camera for the first time in its upcoming iPhone 12 lineup, which is expected to significantly improve the AR experience. These cameras are considered to be similar to the LiDAR scanner Apple added to the 2020 iPad Pro models.

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