Apple's iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Will Run At 7.5W Specification, Slower Than Standard Charging Profile

According to Japanese site Macotakara latest report about iPhone 8, Apple has opted to use the slower standard charging profile, which means the inductive charging will run at 7.5W specification at maximum, which is about half the speed of the latest Qi 1.2 standards.

Some Android phones on the market have already been using 15W of wireless charging profile for a while, and Qi wireless charging standard starts in version 1.2, the maximum can able to support 15W charging profile.

According to information resource that is well versed in WPC, wireless charging function that is built in iPhone 8 going to be announced in September has a possible of 7.5 W specification at maximum.

It has been handling charging 15 W at maximum from Qi version 1.2.But Apple supports not Extended Power Profile 15 W but Standard Power Profile 7.5W(5V/1.5A), which is half.

It's possible that like the Apple Watch, third-party iPhone 8 chargers will also need an Apple-certified chip to work, as Macotakara noted. Indeed the unnamed source suggested that it may be possible to use a single charger to power both a Watch and the "iPhone 8."

Similar to Apple Watch that is Qi standard but can charge only by charging equipment where MFi chip is built in, it is possible that the function of wireless charging equipment of iPhone 8 series is subject to MFi license.

Apple's iPhone 8 this year should feature a 5.8-inch OLED screen and 3D facial recognition - Possible replaces Touch ID, it is also believed the iPhone 8 battery will exceed 2700 mAH. Also expected are an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, overall design will similar to current iPhone 7, but include some iPhone 8 elements, such as wireless charging and A11 chip.

Via 9to5mac And appleinsider, Image Via gizmochina

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