Apple Intends To Developing ARM-Based Mac Processors And iPhone Modems To Reduce Reliance On Intel

According to Nikkei new report today, Apple is continuing to expand manufacturing efforts related to the production of its own chips. The company's goal is to "better compete" in the field of artificial intelligence and reduce reliance on major suppliers such as Intel and Qualcomm. According to sources, Apple's interest is to building "core processors for notebooks, modem chips for iPhones, and a chip that integrates touch, fingerprint and display driver functions." 

According to previous reports, Apple has begun invested in research and development" for baseband modem chips, the chip is currently built by Intel and Qualcomm, which are indispensable for cellular communication features on Apple's mobile devices. Analysts pointed out that Apple legal disputes with Qualcomm, and Apple's high-pass modem chip engineer Esin Terzioglu's are enough to support that the Cupertino company is ready to build its own modem chips.

Building its own core processor chip for MacBook will reduce Apple's reliance on Intel. Industry experts say Apple will use ARM Holding technology to build its notebook chips. ARM Holding is a British company that designs ARM architecture and licenses it out to other companies.

Apple's interest in designing chips that integrate touch, fingerprint and display driver functions is said to be because the company "wants to control next-generation display technology and some related key components." 

A number of analysts provide a theoretical basis for Apple to design more of chips for its products, including leading position in the field of artificial intelligence, reducing production costs and better protecting proprietary technology, etc.

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