Apple Officially Listed Sixth-Generation iPod Nano As An Obsolete Product

According to MacRumors obtained a memo distributed to Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers, the company have added the sixth-generation iPod nano to its internal vintage and obsolete products list on August 30, meaning Apple will no longer repair or service the portable media player.

Apple defines obsolete products that if repairs and services products for up to five years after they are no longer manufactured. Because the iPod Nano 6 was released in September of 2010 was discontinued in September  of 2012, so it's obsolete product. Due to required by statute, iPod Nano 6 owners in California may still obtain service from Apple Stores or via AppleCare. but the extended coverage period will likely end in September 2019.

The sixth-generation iPod nano was notable for its square-shaped design, much like a Apple Watch design. So several of third-party straps and accessories were released that actually turned the device into an early, dumbed down version of the Apple Watch. Different from the fifth generation of iPod nano is, the models lack the click wheel, video camera and speakers. Instead, it has a touch screen and uses the iPod shuffle clip which make it wearable for sports user.

Apple discontinued the entire iPod nano and iPod shuffle lineups in July, and right now iPod Touch is the only iPod products in the Apple's online and retail store, a code in iOS 11 beta 6 also suggested that Apple might launch iPod touch 7 in the future. Although Apple has yet to list the sixth-generation iPod nano on its public vintage and obsolete products list, but it will likely be added soon.

Image Via MacRumors

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