Apple Will Enable Faster Wireless Charging For iPhone 8 In A Future iOS 11 Update, As The Device Likely To Support Pad-Free Wireless Charging'

iPhone 8 series and iPhone X finally ushered the wireless charging feature, of course, in the beginning time, Apple will use Qi wireless charging standard, but Apple's new smartphone will only uses slower charge, because iPhone's wireless charging is too slow, and current Qi standard (1.2) allows the charging power up to 15W, leading people make complaints on the functionality.

However, informed sources, says Apple plans to enable faster wireless charging in a future iOS 11 update. And Apple's plan was disclosed by the The Loop's Jim Dalrymple in their iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus reviews article. Jim Dalrymple said the iPhone 8's wireless charging will be slightly improved later this year, but he did not revealed more details.

That’s not what wireless charging does on an iPhone 8—it provides a slower charge, equal to that of the 5W USB Power Adapter that Apple provides with the iPhone. That will increase slightly later this year with a software update from Apple, but for now, that’s what you get.

We mentioned before, Apple has also developed its own wireless charging standard, and its AirPower charging technology allows a variety of devices to be placed on a charging pad. But now, we don't know when AirPower will be launches, but from Apple's demonstration clearly seen, the wireless charging standard will go beyond Qi.

Speaking to wireless charging pad, there's good news for both iPhone 8 and iPhone X users, the new iPhones do offers support for contact-free charging, while there’s a compatible charger on the way. A startup called Pi has a working demo device now, and is already allowing people to reserve a production model.

The company uses a tapered desktop device Pi Charger, combined with Qi-based resonance and special beamforming algorithms, allowing it to charge multiple devices in any direction. Pi Charger may not be able to meet the range claimed by Energous, which uses radio frequencies to allow the device to charge wirelessly from 15 feet (4.6 meters) away, but Pi Charger is more flexible than existing charging pad.

As far as we know, that this product can wireless charging up to four devices at the same time, the effective range of 12 inches.  The phone is close to Pi Charger, the faster of the charge is. The company said the current Pi Charger has not yet developed a specific price, but is expected to be sometime next year to enter the market, the price will be less than $200.

Via 9to5Mac, Image Via YouTube And 9to5Mac

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