Apple's iPhone 8 Adoption Rate Lower Than Previous Models Over First Weekend Sale, As iOS 11 Reached 22% Of Adoption

According to mobile engagement platform Localytics’ latest data shows iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus adoption was lower than previous models over the first three days of availability. Specifically, during the first weekend of sales, the devices combined for an estimated 0.7 percent market share of all iPhone models, the lowest since the iPhone 5s in 2013.

iPhone 8 Plus account an estimated 0.4 percent market share, makes the recorded higher first weekend adoption than any Plus-sized iPhone ever, meaning user demand continues to shift towards the larger 5.5-inch smartphone. As for iPhone 8, the adoption rate of an estimated 0.3 percent market share, which is far less than iPhone 7’s 1 percent rate.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus initial performance is not surprising, which can explain consumers are likely to wait for the iPhone X that will launch in November. "Apple is betting big on the iPhone X, and so far it looks like consumers may be doing the same," said Localytics.

Since last year, Apple stopped reporting first weekend sales numbers for new iPhone models last year, due to demand typically outweighs supply, so the company feels it is no longer a representative metric for investors or customers.

Apple's latest OS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch - iOS 11, however, has an estimated 22 percent adoption that is also lower than previous versions through the first six days of availability.

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