Here Is How To Get Wireless Charging Feature On Your iPhone 7 Or Earlier Models With Qi Wireless Receivers

Do you want the wireless charging that’s built into the iPhone 8 and iPhone X into your iPhone 7 or earlier, since you are not planning on upgrading this year? There's Good news, you can add this feature (including a charging base) to your iPhone 7 or earlier models for as low as $20.

Just like 9to5Mac's Jeff noted in his iPhone 8 review, one of the biggest downsides of wireless charging is slow charging. Apple plans to launch a software update in future, that this software will enable 7.5W charging, it's not exactly fast, at least it’s better than the current situation. As of now, the wireless charging speed is slower than the charging speed provided by the 5W power adapter.

However, if you regularly charge your iPhone in the same place, for example, at the office or your nightstand at home, and speed isn’t a big deal, wireless charging may be worth it to you. Then Qi Wireless Receiver could be the best accessories to bring wireless charging to your iPhone 7 or earlier models.

Qi is the dominator in wireless charging, with the standard is now used in iPhone 8/X, also formed the Wireless Power Consortium. Picking up a Qi compatible wireless receiver to add to your iPhone perhaps is the most cheapest, honest and clean way to bring wireless charging to your device.

Thanks to Lightning connector (typically is included with iPhone 5 and later), these devices with a slim ribbon cable attached to the wireless charging coil that adheres to the back of your iPhone. Commit to memory you may want to use a case to hide the receiver and using a wireless receiver makes it more difficult to use a Lightning cable to charge your phone.

You’ll also need to buy some wireless charging bases if you don’t have them already. As for price, Qi wireless receivers for iPhone starts from $4, while Wireless charging bases priced of $15, another great wireless charging base is the charge force wireless charging base, in addition working om Wireless Battery Case, it also capable of Qi enabled smartphones.

Via 9to5Mac, Images Via 9to5Mac

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