Here's How To Mark All Emails As Read On Your iDevices

Today, millions of people use email for their business purposes and to send or receive some data or information from someone, We all receive emails on daily basis and we don’t have enough time to read them all. However, all the emails are not necessary to read including some promotional emails and offers emails, and today we will teach you how to mark all emails as read on your devices.

1. Firstly, open the Mail app on your iDevices and click on the Edit button which is on the top of right corner.

2. In the bottom of left corner, there's an option named “Mark All”. Just tap on it.
3. Then select the Mark as “Read” option to complete the process.

4. You can also manually select your specific emails and then click on Mark as Read to mark all emails as “Read”.

So if you received a tons of email and don't want to waste your time to reading them all, you can simply follow the above steps. Just simply go to the Mail app and mark it as read. We recommend you that each email with a blue dot on the left is unread email. You can select them to mark them as read without opening them.

Via UnlockBoot, Images From UnlockBoot

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