New Study Shows iPhone User Perform Drive Honda And BMW, While Android User More Inclined To Dodge And Chrysler

Apple devices are getting a huge upgrade, as the new iOS 11 officially becoming available, amazing new iPhones, Apple Watches and other gadgets also shipping in the coming weeks. therefore, the timing seems appropriate for other companies to get a deeper insight into the other consumer trends that have been exhibited by iPhone users.

Recently, analysis firm Cambridge Analytica been conducted a survey of 220 million smartphone users in the United States. According to Cambridge Analytica research finds that in the United States, iPhone users prefer to drive Honda and BMW, Android users are more inclined to Dodge, Chrysler, and Hyundai Motor.

On the other hand, iPhone users have a substantially stronger preference for the Swedish clothing brand H&M, LA's Forever 21, and Nike than Android device owners. Compared to iPhone users, Android users are more likely to be attracted by Levi's brand clothing.

The analysis also found that iPhone users generally visited more stores on average than Android owners, in other words, Apple device owners are more frequent shoppers." Apple's iPhone owners were found to be a bit more into books and reading than Android owners. Interestingly, Android smartphone owners were nearly 5% more likely than iPhone users to cook.

Elsewhere, Cambridge Analytica found that Android users were more likely than iPhone owners to seek out local news. Android users also visit conservative site Breitbart a bit more frequently than iPhone owners. However, Cambridge Analytica found that iPhone owners are about 4% more likely than Android users to follow "politics and current events."

Via HotNewHipHop And Fortune, Image Via iPhone Photography School And Youtube

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