The Cheapest iPhone X You Can Buy Is In Japan Addition To US, And Here Is How Much Would Cost Rest Of The World

If you right now ask someone what kind of iPhone they going to buy, then they probably will say iPhone X. As matter of fact, 75% of voters says they are planning to purchase iPhone X, and is expected to be sold in millions during months of November when starts shipping

The handset has been receiving well deserved because it has some highly anticipated specifications and brilliant design. Due to the device starts from $999 in US, so making it one of the most expensive smartphones in the market today. Then, there is question came up, how much will the iPhone X cost for rest of world.

Apple charges different prices for its devices from country to country, depending in part on taxes and how each local currency compares with the U.S. dollar. In some countries, like Canada and Japan, the iPhone X costs about $100 more than it does in the U.S. In Europe nations, like Italy and Ireland, the phone is over $400 more expensive than it is in the States.

Lou Mun Ventures's Apple analyst Gene Munster said that iPhones tend to cost between $50 and $300 more internationally. But higher prices do not necessarily prevent global shoppers from buying new iPhones. "It usually isn't a deal-breaker," he said. He thinks that will be especially true with the futuristic iPhoneX, which looks so different from other models.

This is how much the iPhone X costs in 16 countries, according to Apple’s website Convert To $:
  1. Australia: $1,262
  2. Brazil: $1,468
  3. Canada: $1,082
  4. China: $1,279
  5. France: $1,387
  6. Germany: $1,375
  7. Hong Kong: $1,099
  8. India: $1,391
  9. Ireland: $1,410
  10. Italy: $1,423
  11. Japan: $1,024
  12. Mexico: $1,325
  13. New Zealand: $1,311
  14. Russia: $1,387
  15. Singapore: $1,224
  16. United Kingdom: $1,327

Looks like anywhere outside of the US where it isn’t a bad idea to pick up the iPhone X places is Japan and Hong Kong, these countries are only marginally more expensive. In Japan, for example, you’ll pay only an extra $24 on the base cost of each handset (starting at 112,800 yen for 64GB), and Canada’s not too bad either, adding an additional $80 on the price tag.

Via CNN Money And The Verge, Image Via Highsnobiety

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