Apple: Never Worked On Under Display Touch ID, As KGI Says 2018 iPhone Models Won't Have TrueDepth For Rear Camera,

Apple's Vice President of hardware engineering Dan Riccio says the rumors of Touch ID rumors ran rampant about Touch ID being placed under the display, or on the back or side of the device were never true, according to an interview with TechCrunch's editor-in-chief Matthew Panzarino.

In the interview, Riccio said Apple "spent no time" focus implementing fingerprint authentication in these ways because it decided to go all in with the Face ID system. The narrative that Apple was still trying to use Touch ID in iPhone X prototypes this year is wrong, Riccio said, adding there were no late design changes to the phone:

"I heard some rumor [that] we couldn't get Touch ID to work through the glass so we had to remove that," Riccio says, answering a question about whether there were late design changes. "When we hit early line of sight on getting Face ID to be [as] good as it was, we knew that if we could be successful we could enable the product that we wanted to go off and do and if that's true it could be something that we could burn the bridges and be all in with. This is assuming it was a better solution.

And that's what we did. So we spent no time looking at fingerprints on the back or through the glass or on the side because if we did those things, which would be a last-minute change, they would be a distraction relative to enabling the more important thing that we were trying to achieve, which was Face ID done in a high-quality way."

Speaking into Face ID, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple is unlikely to expand its front-facing TrueDepth system for Face ID and Animoji to rear-facing camera module on iPhones released in 2018. He said the iPhone X's 3D sensing capabilities are already at least one year ahead of competitors. For that reason, Kuo thinks Apple's focus with next year's iPhone models will be ensuring an on-time launch with adequate supply.

Based on aforementioned assumptions, we do not expect 2H18F iPhones to come with rear TrueDepth Camera/3D sensing, contrary to market expectations. While we agree that a rear TrueDepth Camera/3D sensing can potentially provide more augmented reality (AR) applications, we note that Apple needs to quickly resolve two issues if it wants 2H18F iPhones to have a rear TrueDepth Camera/3D sensing, namely: (1) the development of AI and ARKit software and an ecosystem, which takes time; and (2) achieving stable shipments and on-time shipping, which are challenging due to the higher spec requirements of rear TrueDepth camera.

Even without rear TrueDepth, the analyst believes 2018 iPhone models will unsurprisingly come with other tech spec upgrades to attract consumers. There are already few of reports claiming next year's iPhone likely to equipped with With 6.4-Inch OLED Display.

Via MacRumors And iDB, Image Credit PayProTec And AIVAnet

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