KGI: TrueDepth Camera Lead Apple 2.5 Year Over Android Rivals, As It Could Limits iPhone X Production To 30M In 2017

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who told investors in a note shared this morning, that it will take Apple's Android competitors up to two and a half years to replicate the functionality and user experience of the TrueDepth Camera on the iPhone X. TrueDepth Camera could also limit Apple's iPhone X production to 30M units this year

As Kuo said in a previous report, he predicted it would take one to two years for competitors to catch up, but having watched Apple's official technical demonstrations in detail, the analyst now believed it will take longer to replicate the user experience.

Because of TrueDepth Camera production issues still existed, KGI Securities has revised its 2017 iPhone X shipping estimates from 40 million to 30 to 35 million units, but Kuo says the firm stands by its "positive outlook" on shipments of future iPhones equipped with the TrueDepth Camera.

Apple's TrueDepth camera system enables its Face ID facial recognition system and other features like advanced face tracking and analysis for Animoji. Rumors suggest the difficulty of manufacturing the TrueDepth camera is what has led to significant iPhone X production issues, severely limiting initial available supply. It's expected that all of the company's future iPhones are likely to adopt the feature.

At the same time, Apple's rivals such as Samsung and Google will also need to overcome these development and manufacturing problems to create a product similar to TrueDepth Camera. Samsung has released S8 and Note 8 with facial recognition, but it's not as superior as Apple's solution because it's limited to 2D tracking, making it less secure and easy to fool.

Via MacRumors, Image Via MacRumors And PopSugar

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