Apple's Face ID Unlocks An iPhone More Slowly Than Touch ID Did, But Faster In Daily Usage

According to Tom's Guide, iPhone X's new Face ID facial recognition system unlocks an iPhone more slowly than Touch ID did. Some early reviews put Face ID speed somewhere between Touch ID 1 and Touch ID 2, and Tom's Guide has tested both and recorded the numbers. Though Touch ID beats Face ID in terms of speed, but there's fix to speed up the process.

It took 1.2 seconds for the site to unlock the iPhone X from pressing the side button on the side of the device and another 0.4 seconds to swipe up to get to the lock screen, while getting to the Home screen on an iPhone 7 Plus using Touch ID took 0.91 seconds. When using Raise to Wake and swiping up on the display as the iPhone is recognizing a face, unlocking was faster at a total of 1.16.

It seems like Touch ID is a faster unlock method, but according to TechCrunch's Matthew Panzarino, he points out, in day-to-day usage Face ID has benefits over Touch ID due to it's a more streamlined interaction. Panzarino says that while Face ID is slower when placed head to head with Touch ID, it's "much more fluid and faster to actually 'do things.'"

For example, with Touch ID, to do things like open up a notification, user meed to tap the notification and then use it to open the notification, but with Face ID, it recognizes your face as the phone is raised while you're tapping the notification, make it much quicker than Touch ID fingerprint recognition.

Do you know that Face ID also includes an option to disable requiring your attention (open eyes facing screen), so you may have faster results with this extra requirement disabled if you’re not worried about someone unlocking your iPhone with your face in your sleep.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit Tom's Guide

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