Apple's iMac Pro Maybe Featured With Mobile Connectivity For 'Always On' Theft Protection

When iMac Pro was first announced and detailed at the top of Apple's WWDC 2017, many of Mac's loyal fans were delighted by the performance monsters. Last weekend, several developers discovered data in Apple's BridgeOS code that suggests the upcoming iMac Pro will feature an A10 Fusion chip with 512 MB of RAM, now more tidbits seems to be found.

According to Pike's Universum, a site known for digging deeper into Mac firmware files, that claims to have found data relating to some form of mobile connectivity in the upcoming iMac Pro that could be used for "advanced theft protection," somewhat similar to Apple's "Find My iPhone" service.

Even the cheapest iMac Pro costs $4999 and is thus far more expensive than any other iMac model that is now available, let alone the top of the line one with a price tag north of $15K, and it is so easy to walk away with a 27-inch computer, and that may be why Apple is going to introduce a new kind of “Find my iMac Pro” type of theft protection. One that phones home to report the exact GPS location. And there’s no way of switching it off…

The post goes on to suggest that the data could alternatively relate to a new feature in the iMac Pro that uses a SIM card to make phone calls. "Or perhaps the data that I found has to be a leftover from iOS for the iPhone," ends the post, qualifying the claims as speculation at this point.

If Apple really introduced such feature for iMac Pro, there's nothing wrong with it. Because even the cheapest version costs $4,999, much more expensive than any other iMac model on the market today, The highest-end iMac Pro, though Apple didn't announce the exact figure, but some media estimates it priced at least $15,000 or more,

In addition to above two suspected new content found in the iMac Pro firmware code, there's currently no further iMac Pro related information. HomePod, which was originally expected to be released with iMac Pro, was confirmed it will be available next year, and from Apple's official website, it appears that iMac Pro will still be available in December.

Via MacRumors, Image Credit Mac Prices Australia

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