Blippar Launches ARCity, An AR Navigation App Promises Better Accuracy Than GPS

At WWDC 2017, Apple announced ARKit, the new Augmented Reality framework for iOS 11, and right now there are various of AR demo featured apps built into the App Store based on ARKit. In July of this year, ARKit platform adds support for AR map navigation, soon enough there were developers demonstrating ARKit-based map navigation.

Blippar has launched ARCity, an app allows users to access information and content as they travel and navigate over 300 cities worldwide. According to the developer AR City uses the VIO (Visual Inertial Odometry) function in ARkit to calculate the travel distance by moving the camera through the screen, enabling localise more accuracy than GPS.

The app helps you navigate and explore 300 cities worldwide using augmented reality and computer vision at scale. In selected locations we enhance the AR experience with urban visual positioning, our industry-wide breakthrough in location-based AR, which localises users with higher accuracy than GPS, thanks to computer vision. Follow the 3D directions to never get lost again. As you travel you’ll see the names of the streets and buildings appear in front of you -- and soon you’ll be able to tap the hotspots to learn more.

ARCity and ARKit make it even more in-depth, it can be real-time display on the screen what is the name of the street, how far is the distance from what I stand, and so on, the info can be shows on the screen, so whether you are a direction idiot or not, you will know where to go and how to get direction. More advanced than traditional navigation.

Importantly, ARCity can display rich map information through ARKit, the interface for users to identify the name of the surrounding buildings and shops, knowledge, reviews, pricing and more. For example, a user can use the camera to align the hotel across street, screen will display the name of the hotel, booking phone number and rating information.

Via Blippar And Campaign Asia, Image Credit Blippar

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