Huawei Demoed Its New Facial Recognition Technology, Promised 10 Times Better Than Apple's Face ID

Huawei has a history of trying to beat Apple at its own game, and that's truer than ever now since the iPhone X is in town. At the end of a presentation for the Honor V10, the Chinese smartphone maker have teased a depth-sensing camera system clearly meant to take on Apple's TrueDepth face detection technology.

The camera system uses a combination of infrared and a projector to create a 3D map of your face, but it can capture 300,000 points -- that is 10 times as many as the iPhone X captures, more of impressively, the Huawei's version currently takes 10 seconds to rebuild this more precise 3D model.

Huawei's new system is secure enough to be used for mobile payments, and the company's fingerprint sensor, can be recognize your fingerprint in 400 milliseconds. In addition, Huawei also demonstrated a similar Animoji features, not only to tracking facial expressions, but it can also determine if the user is in time to stick out their tongue.

Just keep in mind that this was only a spec announcement: Huawei didn't specify when this technology could be ready for prime time. It was also unclear whether the system might make its debut in Huawei’s upcoming P11 flagship, expected later this year, or at some point in the future.

Reliable Apple analyst Ming- Chi predicted it might take Android vendors at least 18 months to copy Apple’s technology so this is an interesting turn of events. Huawei is one of Apple’s biggest rivals in China, they notably announced their own “Force Touch” phone just days before the iPhone 6s launch.

Via Engadget And iDownloadBlog, Image Credit ED And iDB

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