The iPhone X Will Cost Over $2,100 In Brazil, As The Device Shipping Time Improve To 1-2 Weeks For Many Countries

Apple has indicated on its website that iPhone X will launch in Colombia starting December 1, Chile on December 7, and Brazil on December 8. As usual, The device will be available from select carriers and authorized resellers in each country. The company hasn't provided iPhone X pricing information for Chile or Colombia, but they do list price info for Brazil.

In Brazil, the iPhone X will be available purchase from the country's two Apple Stores at VillageMall in Rio de Janeiro and the Morumbi shopping center in São Paulo. Inventory will likely be extremely limited. The iPhone X will start at 6,999 Brazilian reals in Brazil, the equivalent of slightly more than $2,150 USD based on current exchange rates.

When asking why Apple's prices in Brazil being significantly higher than in the United States, partly the result of the country's 60 percent duty on imported products valued up to $3,000, and likely other factors such as stricter labor laws. In the US, the iPhone X only cost $999 for 64GB.

Shipping estimates for the iPhone X have improved to 1 to 2 weeks in the United States, Canada, Asia, And Europe. Majority regional online Apple stores now quoting delivery within the first eight days of December. The improvements suggest Apple's efforts to ramp up production have successfully resulted in greater supply.

In earlier of the month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said they were working to ramp up iPhone X production week by week, with the aim of getting the new smartphone out to customers "as soon as possible." Although several rumors suggested the device would be heavily constrained and in short supply until well into 2018.

Via MacRumors, Image Credit Twitter And MR

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