KGI: Apple's AirPods Shipments Will Rise Around 100%, Which Could Ship 26-28M Units In 2018

According to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that shipments of Apple's AirPods will rise around 100 percent to 26-28 million units in 2018. He also observed the trend of AirPods wireless headphone, Kuo pointed out in his report that AirPods, is the most important peripheral product in Apple's wireless ecosystem.

The analyst also predicts that Chinese company Luxshare-ICT and Taiwanese firm HLJ will play key role in AirPods supply chain. In the assembly, the AirPods in the past has been exclusively assembled by Inventec, but since the join of Luxshare and the improvement of the assembly process, AirPods shipping time now reduced to 1 to 3 days.

We believe demand for AirPods has been strong, and note that the shipping time of the product on Apple’s official shopping website has shortened to 1-3 days, mainly thanks to an improved assembly process and increased capacity from Luxshare-ICT as the new assembler (the previous sole supplier being Inventec (2356 TT, NT$22.65, OP)).

We expect AirPods to remain one of the most popular Apple accessories in 2018, with shipments likely to rise 100% YoY to 26-28mn units next year

Previously, AirPods' assembly efficiency was very low due to the integration of the W1 chip, two accelerators, dual optical sensor, one antenna and the Dual beam-forming microphones in small space, and they finally solved the problem. In addition, Luxshare may also enter the HomePod supply chain in the near future.

Via Street Insider And Feng, Image Credit CNET

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