Apple's iPhone 8 Was Nearly World's Top Google Search Terms This Year, While iPhone X Took #3 Slots

Google has published its annual list of the most popular searches of the year. This year’s new iPhones - iPhone 8 and iPhone X took the #2 and #3 slots after Hurricane Irma. Fourth and fifth places were taken by Matt Lauer and Meghan Markle.

It appears that the results make it look like the iPhone 8 is more popular than the iPhone X, the reason is because that Apple's flagship smartphone was more commonly referred to as the iPhone 8 in rumors until a leaked version of iOS 11 essentially confirmed stealthier name back in August.

In the consumer tech category, both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were the highest trending search terms in 2017, ahead of the Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy S8, and Xbox One X in the top five globally. In the United States in particular, while the iPhone 8 Plus was the sixth-most trending search term.

The results are almost identical in 2016, as the iPhone 7 was the top trending smartphone brand on Google, but the second most trending search term overall behind smash-hit game Pokémon GO. Also in last year, Freedom 251 and iPhone SE gtts third and fourth spots in the Consumer Tech list.

Google Trends outlines other popular search terms in its Year in Search 2017 categories, such as actors, athletes, car brands, exercises, movies, recipes, songs and lyrics, sports teams, TV shows, as well world events.

Via MacRumors And Cult Of Mac, Image Credit Engadget

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