A Reboot Should Fix The Bug That Cause Face ID Won't Work After Updating To iOS 11.2, As Users Report The Update Make Face Unlock Faster

There are some iPhone X users said Face ID does not work after updating to the emergency released iOS 11.2. The affected user's iPhone X screen instead shows an alert that says it is ‘unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone’. Luckily, the fix seems to be very simple, just simply reboot your phone.

The Face ID issues don't affect every handset -When I test the facial recognition feature it does not have any problems after updating from iOS 11.1.2 to iOS 11.2 - but the number of user reports the bug has started to increase significantly from the mainstream Apple blog readers and countless more online.

In most cases, by turning off the iPhone X and turning it back on again will allow the face recognition system to work again. Fortunately, it is reassuring that this is not a persistent issue. Turn off the iPhone X, just long press and hold the "Side" buttons and any volume button. Then drag the shutdown slider to turn off the phone. If Face ID doesn't work after a hard restart, contact Apple Support.

It's also interestingly that some iPhone X users on reddit are reporting that Face ID is unlocking iPhone X a lot faster after upgrading to iOS 11.2. Few users claimed that they don’t see the Face ID unlocking animation as often especially if they tap on the screen and unlock it.

Apple pushed out iOS 11.2 ahead of normal schedules, since the date crashing bug was so severe it demanded urgent attention. This resulted in Apple releasing an update at a very unusual time, at this weekend, because so many people were facing Springboard crashes after the system clock ticked over to December 2.

Via 9to5Mac, Image Credit 9to5Mac

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