Apple Will Delay Some New Features For iOS 12 And macOS 10.14 Update To Focus On Software Quality

Apple will delay some new features in iOS 11.2 until next year as to focus on addressing performance and quality issues, the plan will similarly extend to the Mac, although to a lesser degree, according to both Bloomberg News and AXiOS.

Firstly, the Axios report said Apple's software engineering chief Craig Federighi announced the revised plans to employees at a meeting earlier this month. A number of features have been delayed until 2019, such as the iOS and CarPlay Home screen refresh, improvements to Mails and Photo.

While for the Bloomberg report, a source says that Apple has told its software engineering groups about the change this month, that they will delay a revamped photo-management app that used new algorithms for better automatically sort pictures, and more features.

In addition, the article also corroborates that Apple was planning a redesigned grid of app icons on the home screen in iOS 12. Fortunately, enhancements to the Health app, better parental controls, and the combined apps platform are still planned for release this year.

Apple's plans to focus on the quality of its current software platforms will presumably result in a greater emphasis on bug fixes, performance improvements, and the general stability of its operating systems. In that regard, both iOS 12 and the upcoming macOS update could be one of the fastest, most stable versions for the two operating systems.

Via MacRumors And iDownloadBlog, Image Credit Tnwcdn And iDB

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