HomePod Still Remains Launch Day Delivery, Suggesting Low Consumer Demand, As More Features Been Discovered

Apple kicked off pre-orders for HomePod, the company's first wireless speaker with built-in Siri controls last Friday, and three days after the device went live on Apple.com it looks like that the speaker is still widely available for launch day delivery, which suggesting this product at low consumer demand.

While it appears that Apple has enough stock to for-fill orders and keep up with demand, a report even points out that a million HomePods started shipping before pre-orders opened. Polls and social media responses also indicating HomePod’s steep price tag and lateness to the market will deter many potential customers. – HomePod delivers and in-stock pick-ups start on Friday, February 9th.

According to iMore's Serenity Caldwell that a user using the same iCloud account will allow HomePod's Siri access to Apple Music, tracks that were purchased to the iCloud Library and the iTunes Store, but Siri itself can not control the content streamed by other devices over AirPlay. 

Apple has claimed that the HomePod consumes less power than an averages ENERGY STAR certified LED household light bulb during music playback. For comparison, a classic-shaped A-series LED bulb typically draws around 9-10 watts, but the HomePod draws around 8.74 watts with 115V of line voltage during music playback at 50 percent volume.

In addition, the smart speaker also comes with a two-meter power cable in the box that is color matched in Space Gray or White, the cable is removable and user replaceable, as for pricing of the power cable is not known.

Via 9to5Mac And MacRumors, Image Credit The New York Times

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