Apple's Upcoming HomePod Smart Speaker Will Allow User To Create Scenes That Can Mute Siri Temporarily

It appears that in latest iOS 11.2.5 beta, a developer named Filipe Espósito found some of new HomePod icons in Apple's Home app that reveal some of the new features which may appear on the smart speaker. Specifically, user may be able to create custom scenes with support for muting the speaker’s “Hey Siri” capabilities. 

Like many other Apple devices, HomePod also supports on-call "Hey Siri" functionality that allows users to activate Siri with simple voice commands. However, for certain situations, users may want to disable this feature for privacy reasons. For example, in a "party" scene, when the lights at home may be constantly changing, the room temperature changes, and Siri is muted for the living room HomePod.

In addition to discovering HomePod can mutes Siri, Espósito also found that HomePod will capable supporting multiple unique voices, and suggesting that at least one person could control Siri and expect personalized results.

Apple released the HomePod during last June's WWDC, which was originally scheduled for release in December of 2017, but Apple subsequently delayed shipments, A recent rumor says that 1 million HomePods was being delivered to Apple from its supply chain, At same time, the device approved by FCC, so we should see the product soon.

Via 9to5Mac, Image Credit Twitter

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